REMAZOL DYES Manufacturer


We are betrothed in supplying quality Remazol Ankit Brand Dyes. While we distribute only most advantageous eminence dyes that too judicious. We have become one of the most favorite Remazol dyes exporters & suppliers from India. Patrons who have been using our Remazol reactive dyes eulogize for the superiority of these products. Remazol Ankit Brand Dyes are Reactive Dyes possessing Vinyl sulphone as the reactive group.

In existence of alkali, these dyes chemically respond with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, convalent linkages. These dyes are multitalented adequate to ensemble dissimilar dyeing methods. Results are admirable and shades come clean and luminous with no dissimilarity in dyeing as well as in printing.

The dyeing methods may accordingly, be confidential under the padding and fatigue processes, standing baths are not optional, as in alkaline medium inactivation of the dyestuffs by reaction with water takes place as a side reaction.


Vinyl sulfone dyes are primarily useful for chemical oppose dyeing, in which two dissimilar types of fiber reactive dyes which are worn to print forefront and backdrop in dissimilar colors. One method is to mix either Cibacron F or Procion MX dye with soda ash and a chemical called BASF Chemical Resist, apply it to cotton fabric, let it dry, then mix up remazol dye with soda ash or 'Basilen Fixing Agent', apply it to the same piece of fabric, and then steam the piece. The result is a propose of Procion MX or Cibacron F dye bordered by a background of Remazol dye. The Remazol dye does not react with the fabric where the chemical resist has been placed.