We are extremely active in fabricating, exporting and supplying Reactive ME Dyes which are suitable for dyeing, padding and printing of all types of cellulosic material. These dyes are the low temperature; high exhaust dyes that feature better-quality all round fastening properties like light chlorine and perspiration. Our offered dyes are mainly having the advantage of high degree of exhaustion and fixation rates. These dyes give high reproducible dyeing because of improved alkali stability and low sensitivity to temperature. This type of dye is applied on cellulosic materials at lower dyeing temperature of 60°C.

Features of Reactive ME Dyes
  • These dyes are having better alkali stability and leveling properties
  • It reacts with the cellulosic fibers at very low temperatures and through the cold-batch method is also known as energy saving dyes
  • The dyes are high exhaust reactive with superior all round fastness properties
  • It has the most advantageous leveling and alkali stability properties.