Reactive Dyes Ahmedabad


A synthetic dye which chemically reacts with cellulosic fibre to form covalent bond and becomes a part of fibre is known as Reactive dyes. We are leading manufacturer of Reactive Dyes with the Brand name of Ankit Industries, with the excellent chemical compounds. Our offered dyes are used where bright dyeing with high light and wash fastness is required. Reactive dyes are a group of extremely colored natural essence, mainly used for tinting textiles that fasten themselves to their subtracted by a chemical reaction that forms a covalent bond between the molecule of dye and that of the fibre.

Reactive dyes are the most popular class of dyes for dyeing and printing of cellulosic substrates. Our provided dyes can also be applied on wool, silk, and nylon.

These dyes are anionic in nature and chemically retort with the hydroxyl groups of the substrate to form covalent bond under approving conditions. Owing to soaring constancy of the covalent bond, these dyes have rationally acceptable all-round fastness properties.

General Properties of Reactive Dyes
  • This dye is having water soluble compounds
  • It gives the excellent wet fastness
  • Very easy to hydrolyzed
  • Simple and easy dyeing process
  • There is more choice of colours available
  • It has good colour resilience
  • The dyes can be easily washed
  • It has the rich chemical binding


    Ankit Industries have gained a remarkable position in the field of manufacturing Reactive Ultra RGB Series dyes. These RGB dyes are worn for both exhaust and pad dyeing of cellulosic materials having a benefit of shade suppleness. It is even appropriate for various applications, providing good shelf life to the products. These dyes are accessible as Ultra Yellow RGB, Ultra Orange RGB, Ultra Red RGB, Ultra Carmine RGB and Ultra Navy RGB. Furthermore, these dyes are severely tested by our excellence examiners before final dispatch.

    Features of Reactive Ultra RGB Series
  • These dyes are available in deep and medium shades
  • The dye shade is reproducibility
  • It has the standard fastness property
  • It is eco-friendly in nature
  • Very less dye is required to achieve the required depth of shade
  • Having excellent wash-off properties
  • It is very flexible in exhaust and pad dyeing
  • Ultra Yellow RGB 3% M 110 F 3 4-5 4-5 4 + +
    Ultra Red RGB 3% M 100 F 4 4 4 4 + -
    Ultra Carmine RGB 3% M 100 G 4 4 3-4 4-5 + +
    Ultra Orange RGB 3% M 100 G 3 4-5 3-4 4-5 + +
    Ultra Navy RGB 3% M 100 G 3-4 4 3 4 + -


    We are leading manufacturer of Reactive RGB Dyes which are ideal for light and pastel shades. Our provided RGB dyes are available as Golden Yellow RGB, Red RGB, Blue RGB and Navy Blue RGB. These dyes are processes using the soaring superiority chemical compounds and modern technology by our proficient professionals. Having the features of high reproducibility and consistent obsession, this type of dye is a proven cost effective substitute for dyeing in textile industry. Moreover these RGB dyes are available in different packaging options as per the needs of our customer. These dyes are tested on diverse parameters in order to ensure its purity at customer end.

    Features of Reactive RGB Dyes
  • These dyes are having the feature of good fastness property
  • It is suitable for light and pastel shades
  • Having Uniform fixation
  • Good reproducibility
  • Excellent washing off properties


    Ankit industries is the foremost company in fabricating the Reactive RR series dyes which comprises of three color combination and used for dyeing process in different industries. These dyes are largely used in the exhaust dyeing process at 60°c for medium and deep shades. Our provided dyes are applicable for medium and deep shades. With us these dyes are existing at different shades like yellow RR dye, blue RR dyes and red RR dye, having admirable wash off properties. We offering the shades at the range of intermediate to deep which can be dyed cost efficiently, as they imparts very good build up, high process consistency, and uniform fixation ensuring very good level dyeing.

    Features of Reactive RR series dyes
  • Having the functional for deep and medium shades
  • These dyes is having as excellent wash off property
  • Consistent Fascination
  • Having the feature of High exhaustion
  • These dye is trichomatic combination of three basic components


    We are backed with the rich industrial experience in fabricating Reactive VS dyes which are based on B-Sulfatonethysulphone reactive system and perfectly suitable for padding as well as for printing. These Dyes are having good fastness property and moreover used in exhaust dyeing processes. It is easy to use and skin-friendly properties using both exhausts as well as padding method. Our provided Reactive VS Dyes are extensively used for exhaust dyeing, cold pad batch process and also in mechanized batch wise dyeing machines.

    Features of Reactive VS dyes
  • Restrained reactivity with low dyeing temperature, 40-60°C
  • Coming with high intensity properties
  • Having features which excellent in volting properties
  • These dyes are good dyeing and printing performance
  • It is having excellent wet fastness properties


    We bring the extensive assortment of optimum eminence Reactive P dyes that is essentially used in various printing procedures. These P series dyes are monochlorotriazine having a low reactivity and low substantivity. Whereas these dyes have low reactivity, they need additional severe conditions for fixation with cellulosic materials. Besides, we also make sure to afford the most favorable excellence of these dyes to all our customers, for complete satisfaction.

    Features of Reactive P dyes
  • They are very significant economical.
  • Their simplicity and reliability in application.
  • The low cost production of a wide range of shades with good all round fastness.
  • It has the Good printing paste stability
  • These dyes are having Good wash-off properties


    We are backed with the rich industrial experience in fabricating Reactive HE Dyes which posses superior fatigue and fixation efficiency, results in substantial, cost reduction in comparison with conventional reactive dyes predominantly for deep shades. These dyes are widely used for dyeing of cellulosic fibers by exhaust dyeing process at elevated temperature of 80-85°c. Our existing dyes reveal soaring substantivity, high fixation and tinctorial value. These dyes are appropriate for dyeing Knit wear, Hosiery, and Blends where cellulose part of polyster, cellulose is to be dyed. We are presenting this dye with excellent reproductively and good compatibility.

    Features of Reactive HE Dyes
  • These dyes are having high exhaustion & fixation.
  • High-quality builds up in high & low liquor ratio dyeing.
  • More rapidly wash off and competent soaping.
  • Insensitivity to dyeing inconsistent, tempearture, salt concentrations etc.
  • Improved to batch consistency.
  • Extremely suitable for dyeing of cellulosic part of polyester / cotton and polyester / viscose blends by single bath 2 step methods.


    Ankit Industries Reactive ED Dyes are considered as a cost effective alternatives for textile dyes. Our offered these dyes contain no expensive chemicals. We offer multi-functional warn exhaust for deep dark shades with cost effective and higher productivity. The ED type dyestuffs are urbanized especially on the consideration of cost-effectiveness by application and process effecientiveness by production of dyeing. These dyes are efficient fixation at medium temperature compared to traditional dyes. It is easy washing, less time, less water, less energy required.

    Features of Reactive ED Dyes
  • Elevated Exhaustion, high fixation and leveling properties.
  • Outstanding building-up properties
  • High percentage of color yield.
  • Easy wash-off characteristics.
  • Multitalented application.
  • Excellent compatibility.
  • Environmental friendly by less waste water treatment.
  • Reliable reproducibility.


    We concentrate in the fabricating of Reactive Hot Dyes with wide-ranging arrays of reactive dyes of better-quality. We are having energetic professionals in our manufacturing unit who are having unblinking commitment to quality of the products and these helps us to deliver the best quality to our clients. These hot dyes are suitable for printing Cellulosic and Viscose Fabric, which are fixed at 100-150°c by steaming. Because of the reactivity of these dyes the constancy of the print paste in occurrence of alkali is very fine. We are also regarded as most prosperous reactive dyes for manufacturing and this dye has low instability with least propensity to stain adjacent white portion in the print.

    Features of Reactive Hot Dyes
  • These dyes are having much chromatic – bright – colors
  • In these dyes Good Tintorial value obtained in printing
  • Very Low reactive, so bleeding of color on white fabric is less
  • Suitable for application on all popular printing dyeing machines