We are well-known in the industry with the foremost brand name Ankit industries in manufacturing Reactive Dyes for printing. The Reactive dye for printing is a method of printing a dye or wax by using mixes, moreover to create colors. Reactive dyes are divided into dyeing and printing colors which are based on the reactivity and substantivity of the dye types. The substantivity describes the quantity of the attraction of the dye for the fibre and privileged the substantivity, the superior the attraction, reactivity means aptitude to react with the material.

The dyes paste used for printing is similar to reactive dye painting recipe, with the difference of increase amount of thickening agent.

For printing thickening agent is used to keep the texture of the paste thick and controllable, so that the color does not spread and the outlines are sharp and precise. The printing paste for wool and silk differs from the printing paste for cellulose fibers in terms of the acidity of the paste. The printed fabric is steamed for about 10-15 minutes in a cottage steamer and washed with cold water for removing the unfixed dye and exhausted thickener and then dried. The method of printing of cotton fabric with reactive dye has the outstanding properties and utmost fixation.