With the brand name in the industry we are manufacturing, exporting Dyestuffs for textile with excellent quality chemical colours. The organic or inorganic substances which can be absorb light and reflect some lights to show colour. The dyestuffs are having the substance present which is water soluble. The dyes worn by the textile industry are largely in synthetic dye. These dyes are frequently consequent from two source namely, coal tar and petroleum-based intermediated. The dyes used in the textile are in the form of powders, granules, pastes or liquid dispersions. Now a day’s approximately all the products are subjected to recurring demand and dissimilarity, due to these the industrial textiles dyes must increase up to meet all new and specific technical requirements.

In the fast varying of the product summary of the textile industry, from high-cost cotton textiles to the long-lasting and flexible synthetic fibres, the prototype of expenditure of these dyes are also going through rapid changes. According to disperse dyes that are used in polyesters which are projected to grow at a faster rate.

There are different types of dyes for dyeing textile goods. These dyes have different nature in fiber. Application of dyes in different fibers is given below:

Name of Dyes Application
Acid Dye Manmade fiber (Nylon), Natural fiber (Silk, Wool)
Direct Dye Manmade fiber (Viscose),Natural fiber (Cotton)
Vat Dye Manmade fiber (Viscose) Natural fiber (Cotton, Silk, Wool)
Disperse Dye Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Tri-acetate, Di-acetate
Basic Dye Jute, Acrylic
Reactive Dye Cotton, Wool, Silk, Viscose, Nylon
Sulfur Dye Cotton, Viscose
Mordant Dye Cotton, Wool, Silk
Pigment Cotton, Manmade fiber
Mineral Cotton, Wool, Silk
Azoic Dye Cotton, Viscose
Aniline Black Cotton
Rapid and Rapidson Dye Cotton
Onium Dye Cotton, Jute