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Today, Ankit Industries have revealed as a Foremost Business Consortium in Synthetic Organic Dyestuff Industry.

Ankit Industries is the brand name in manufacturing Synthetic Organic Dyestuff, inspected during the year 1986 in Ahmedabad, India. Our company compact in dyestuffs for textile, leather, paper and food industries as well as colour pigments for the plastic, printing ink and paint industries. With the help of experienced professionals over the command of manufacturing and export operations, Ankit industries have achieved untarnished records of customer satisfaction.

Our company is located in the prime area of Chemical industries near Naroda, Ahmedabad, where major chemical industries are situated with fully equipped modern dyestuff production facilities and equipment as well as Dyestuff testing labs. It’s our pleasure to say that our experience has enabled us to develop and maintain ultramodern infrastructure.

Molecular Structure, Chemical and Physical Properties
Number C.AS 6473-13-8 EINECS 229-326-3
Color Index Direct Black 22 Number of Color Index 35435
Molecular Formula C44 H32 N13 Na3 O11 S3 Molecular weight 1083.97g/ mol
Direct Black Dyes

Our company also exports their Direct Black 22 in China, Germany, Japan, United States, USA, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Yemen and Dubai.


Because you are having the great ideas and we are having inconceivable digital textile printing technology and different Dyestuff, which jointly we’ll produce beautiful custom fabrics for any project.

Backed with rich industrial experience and knowledge
  • Avant-garde production facilities
  • Having superior quality colour, dyes, and chemical matching industry
  • standards and parameters
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Proven records in successful of small as well as bulk orders
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Excellent service provider after sales


  • We comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations with additional laws and regulations with additional measures considered necessary.
  • Follow scientific approach to environment management plan in order to achieve continual performance improvement.
  • Encourage consciousness surrounded by all employees and all fascinated parties for shared dependability towards environment protection.
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Our Products

  • Direct black 22 (C.I. 35435)
  • Organics
  • C44H32N13NaO11S3
  • Fast Black VSF
  • C44H32O11S3Na3
  • Direct Fast Black VSF
  • Benzo Cupro Black BV
  • Benzonerol VSF
  • Best Direct Fast Black 2BR
  • Carbide Fast Black G
  • Cibatix Black E-R
  • Concorde Direct Supra Black B320
  • Diazine Black GF
  • Diazol Black TRA
  • Direct Black CA
  • Direct Black FG
  • Direct Fast Black B
  • Dycosdirect Black GF
  • Saturn Black A
  • Solar Black NF
  • Tertrodirect Black GVSN
  • Triasol Black CA
  • Vicorect Black FF.
  • C44H32N13O11S33Na
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