We are treated as the best industry in manufacturing Bi Functional Dyes, which is a Chromophore chemical group that is competent to select light assimilation resulting in the bruise of assured organic compounds. There are two reactive groups in Bi Functional Dyes. These reactive groups are renowned for their outstanding dyeing action. Moreover bifunctinal dyes having the admirable dyeing capacity can be only formed through accurate selection process of appropriate reactive groups and appropriate chromophores.

The offered bi Functional dyes comprise two dissimilar reactive groups which are moreover matching in nature or not, but these dyes have higher degree of fixation over all other kinds of dyes. The reactive dyes are comprised in different ways to have the capacity to react with fibre in other than single way. A few bifunctional reactive dyes have been urbanized which approved mono-chlorotriazine and sulphato ethyl sulphone reactive. The constancy that is survive in the dye-fiber bond between the Vinyl sulphone group and cellulose against acid hydrolysis gives extra constancy to these dyes in the acidic environment of the industry and makes the dyeing effect more lasting.

The fastening property of these dyes is very high and these are low temperature high fatigue dyes. These dyes also have high perspiration and light chlorine properties. They also consist soaring quantity of fixation rate, fatigue, good leveling capacity and good alkali stability.