Ankit is the brand name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Reactive Cold Dyes which are tremendously imprudent rather milder conditions in dye fixation. These dyes are first and foremost destined for dyeing at standard room temperature using Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate. Our dyes are appropriate to cellulosic textiles by batch-wise, semi-continuous and incessant methods in conventional textile machinery like open-vat, package, Jet, Jig, Winch and paddling mangle. The flexibility in a variety of application measures and the accessibility of extensive variety of bright and fast shades are the exceptional features of this class of dyestuffs. Fiber dyes, which are characterized by effortlessness of dyeing which are extremely luminous with good Light Fastness. The dyestuff should be stored in cool and dry conditions. The containers should be forcefully closed when not in use. High temperature, moisture and alkaline pH conditions reduce the steadiness of the dyes in solution.

Features of Reactive Cold Dyes
  • Product range having much chromatic – bright – colors
  • Highly reactive ,hence require very mild condition for application
  • Energy Consumption is very less
  • Good all-round fastness properties
  • Suitable for application on all popular dyeing machines.